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All Hands In

About us

After reading ingredients about various lotions and other body care products, we came to the realization that if you're unable to pronounce some of the ingredients the product doesn't deserve to be placed in your body. At this point. we started researching Natural Essential Oils & Natural Butters and the benefits each provide for your body. We found an abundance of ideas in which inspired the creation of Whipp Appeal!

Our Body Butter Cream and Scrubs are hand whipped with some of the best Essential Oils and Butters. Our products contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C,

E, & A that help lubricate and moisturize all skin types. Every item is exclusively made just to allow your skin to to indulge in 24-hours of moisture with natural ingredients.


Become a member today to stay up to date on all of our products, sales and more! You're about to be Whipped!

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Carla C.

I love Whipp Appeal body butters! The fragrance stays with me all day and it smells amazing! I am completely satisfied and will continue to use these products! 


John H.

Irecently purchased the body butter for men called Southern Man. I'm very pleased with it. It did wonders for the Calais on my hands as well! I will definitely be buying again. 

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Val T. 

The butter makes your skin feel so soft and each scent has a smell that's so good and lasts all day. The scrub makes your skin feel silky smooth and refreshing. I love them both!

Thanks for joining!


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